Globally, Regen Earth Verified™ aims to support the transition of 10 million square kilometers of farmland to regenerative by 2027.

FORT PAYNE, Ala., Jan. 13, 2022 /PRNewswire/ -- Regen Earth, North America's preeminent regenerative agriculture verification solution, has announced their launch into the consumer and trade market.  Regen Earth will be certifying farms and ranches to the highest standards of regenerative agriculture and through the verification process, will ensure that consumers choose the appropriate product that supports a healthier planet while providing more nutrient-dense food.

"Regen Earth Verified represents the planet's greatest opportunity to reverse climate change and improve food quality."

Regenerative agriculture focuses on topsoil regeneration, augmenting biodiversity, enhancing the water cycle, helping to increase resilience to climate change, and strengthening the health and vitality of farm soil. This in turn generates top-quality food with superior nutritional value and reduces the carbon footprint. It also allows farmers to spend less money on synthetic fertilizers, chemical pesticides, and diesel-gulping tillage, keeping money within the community and farming families.

"Regen Earth Verified represents the planet's greatest opportunity to reverse climate change and improve food quality. The work done by industry pioneers like Gabe Brown and Allen Williams Co-founders of Understanding Ag, have shown the amazing potential of regenerative agriculture to improve the health of people and the planet all while providing a better life for farmers and ranchers." explains nutritional expert and Chief Marketing Officer at Regen Earth Verified, Evan DeMarco.

"Regen Earth Verification's goal is to meet each producer where they are and provide the framework for them to become fully regenerative. Regen Earth Verified was built to be inclusive, but also structured to have the highest standards to ensure that regenerative agriculture does not become greenwashed." says Ben Katon, CEO at Regen Earth Verified.

About Regen Earth: 
As on-farm assessments, testing and observations are made and submitted, Regen Earth Verified's board of experts evaluate these tests and observations and determine to what degree each farm is meeting the protocols for attaining Regen Verified's tier status. This panel makes its verification and tier placement determinations based on the on-farm application of the established protocols (Six Principles of Soil Health, The Three Rules of Adaptive Grazing, and the Functioning of the Four Ecosystem Processes) in the context of each individual farm/ranch context.

Evan DeMarco, CMO
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