BIRMINGHAM, Ala., Sept. 25, 2017 /PRNewswire/ — ProctorU, a pioneer in online proctoring services, today announced that it has delivered 4 million online proctored exams since its inception in 2008, and more than 1 million exams thus far in 2017. ProctorU partners with over 1,000 colleges, universities and training organization worldwide and reached the milestone of one million exams in 2014. The 4 million mark was achieved through a combination of industry momentum and widespread adoption of the ProctorU Live proctoring solution.

ProctorU watches students take exams online with live proctors using webcams and screen-sharing technology. The service gives students the convenience of testing at home and instructors the ability to ensure academic integrity.

ProctorU’s vast experience in online proctoring coupled with the latest technology sets it apart in the market. The technology company also recently released ProctorUAuto, a fully automated artificial intelligence (AI)-based online proctoring solution. With the addition of ProctorUAuto, the company now offers a full suite of proctoring solutions.

Choosing an online proctoring provider with advanced, reliable technology and the highest levels of service is important to schools and professional credentialing organizations. Universities such as Thompson Rivers University, Bloomsburg University of Pennsylvania and Missouri University of Science and Technology recently began working with ProctorU to significantly improve online proctoring security and service for their test-takers.

Alan C. Elman, eLearning Lead at ACTEX, a new professional partner of ProctorU said, “At ACTEX Learning we really care about our students and want to help them achieve their goals. Giving students the option of using ProctorU for their VEE Course final exams is rapidly becoming the new standard. We have strong confidence in the academic integrity of the ProctorU service, and our students are able to test 24/7/365 worldwide! It’s an amazing service – and we couldn’t be happier with the feedback from our valued customers.” 

According to ProctorU CEO Scott McFarland, “As the largest player in this field by a wide margin, our economies of scale allow us to provide a demonstrably superior service at the market’s most cost-effective price point. Our 100 percent on-demand availability, the industry’s leading AI/Auto platform and the ability to deal with the most complex exam instructions set us apart and put us in an entirely different class from our competitors. We are excited to welcome these leading institutions to our proctoring family, and look forward to providing their test-takers the best possible experience in online learning.”

About ProctorU
ProctorU provides a full suite of online proctoring and identity management solutions for education, professional development and certification organizations. With patented, 24/7 on-demand live proctoring and an automated platform utilizing artificial intelligence, ProctorU is a powerful, convenient and cost-effective alternative to traditional test centers. ProctorU increases access to online learning while ensuring exam integrity and accountability for any test-taker using only a computer and a webcam. Brands like the University of Florida and CompTIA trust ProctorU to protect their reputation. To learn more, visit

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